Film - The Mountain Runners - Saturday, June 1 at 5:00 p.m.

From 1911 to 1913, a legitimately "amazing race" was run. Envious of the tourists flocking to Seattle, the civic leaders of fledgling Bellingham devised an elaborate PR stunt: America’s first mountain adventure race. Offering up $100 in gold coins to the first runner who could clamber up and down nearby Mount Baker, a 10,781 foot volcanic, glacial peak!

They attracted 14 contestants consisting of wrestlers, milk inspectors, loggers, farmers and miners. Whisked to the base of the mountain by newfangled automobiles racing a tried-and-true steam train, these amateur athletes had no idea of what they’d just signed up for. And while it may have been prize money that lured them, it was their sense of adventure and pioneer spirit that allowed them to persist.Narrated by Kevin Tighe (LOST, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Emergency!, Matewan,) The Mountain Runners incorporates hundreds of vintage images, historic footage, graphics, digital effects, and dramatizations starring William B. Davis (X- Files “Smoking Man.”)

Buoyed by a folksy charm that belies its diligent research and skillful construction, Todd Warger and Brian Youngs multiple award-winning docudrama weaves together fascinating archival material and dramatic recreations in order to bring these eclectic local legends back to life.

Any lingering doubts about the significance of their accomplishments are dispelled courtesy of interviews with current top-flight athletes and authors, including recordholding alpine speed-climber Chad Kellogg and climbing author, Steve House, winner of the Boardman Tasker Prize, champion ultrarunner Krissy Moehl, and US  speed distance record holder, Scott Jurek, each of whom can only marvel at their untrained forerunner’s heavily-shod mettle.

It was an amazing race and the story has to be seen to be believed!

On Saturday, June 1 at 5:00 p.m. we’ll present the docudrama, The Mountain Runners.

The film, produced and directed by Todd Warger of Bellingham, incorporates vintage images, historic film, visual graphics and 3D effects, with recreated dramatizations staring William B. Davis (XFiles, Smoking Man). 

Don’t miss the chance to see this film on the big screen and hear about how it was made. Regular ticket prices at the door.


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Mountain Runners: Then & Now!

1912: One of the runners started at the Concrete Theatre

Herman Schrieber was the only contestant to use the Concrete route in 1912, pictured here on his horse in downtown Concrete.

A century may have passed, but the headline remains true. Written in 1913, this article was leading up to the last year of the original Mount Baker Marathon.

Race - The Mt. Baker Ultra Marathon
Sunday, June 2 at 12:00 a.m.

The Mount Baker Ultra is a 56 mile out and back foot race from the town of Concrete Washington to Mount Baker's Sherman peak at 10,160ft (3,097m). The race draws its inspiration from the century old Mount Baker Marathon that l
asted for three years from 1911-1913. 

The town of Concrete is located on Highway 20, 96 miles from Seattle or 170 kilometers from Vancouver BC. Concrete sits at an elevation of 276ft. 

Sherman peak is the second highest peak on Mount Baker, with Grant peak being the highest at an additional 621ft. Sherman peak is on the list of “Top 100 Washington Peaks”

The Mount Baker Ultra Marathon will start at 12:00 AM Sunday June 2nd 2019. The race has a 50 participant limit with an overall cutoff time of 18 hours or 6:00PM.

From the start in downtown Concrete the course follows Forest Service roads out to the Upper Baker dam, where you may get your first glimpse of the mountain. After 26 miles competitors will ascend the Squak glacier, utilizing almost 2 miles of fixed ropes. Once you have reached the summit it's all down hill from there, retracing your steps back to the finish in Concrete.  

The weather and snow conditions can be extremely varied, from raging snow storms to blistering heat. This should not be your first time in severe mountainous conditions. All participants should have the ability to be self sufficient while on the mountain. There will be aid stations manned by volunteers on the glacier for your safety.