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Marc Price is a former child actor best known for his role as über-dork Erwin "Skippy" Handleman on the hit 1980s sitcom Family Ties.

Price was born on February 23, 1966 and is the son of stand-up comedian Al Bernie. Price broke into acting in 1980 with a non-recurring role in the British TV show Julliet Bravo. A short time later Price acquired his career-defining role as Skippy Handleman on Family Ties.

The Skippy character was the best buddy of Alex P. Keaton (played by Michael J. Fox), who was generally accepted as the star of the show. Skippy provided comic relief on Family Ties and often did dumb things. However, unlike some other child actors, Price was actually funny as Skippy and was generally liked at the height of the show's popularity. Skippy's most famous episode was one in which he discovered that he was adopted by his parents, and then wanted to be referred to only as "Baby Boy Doe." (see YouTube)

Family Ties was on the air from 1982 to 1989. 

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Maybe you were lucky enough to be at one of Marc’s earlier shows in Concrete - remember that time at Ladies Night when he enticed Claudia Marken to dance with him?

There’s more craziness coming -- don’t miss the show on Saturday, June 3. It’s for a great cause (KSVU Radio) and will leave you laughing!

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