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The historic Concrete Theatre is located in Town Center, Concrete, Washington. With 120 seats, full stage, lobby and concessions area, our venue is the home to movies and special events year-round.

Founded in 1923, the Theatre has had a colorful past, serving as an entertainment center for the earliest residents of the town.

The Concrete Theatre first showed silent films, then the “talkies,” and also featured boxing matches, vaudeville shows, church services and more. It has always been a community gathering place.

Over the decades, the Concrete Theatre has changed hands several times. We are grateful the site has been maintained, and was added to the Washington State Historical Registry.

Operating any business in a tiny town can be a challenge but we can make it work with your continued support. Please attend our movies and events, tell your friends and family all about them, and help us keep the Concrete Theatre alive and well.

Valerie Stafford & Fred West
Owners since 2009