Your Independent Community Theatre

The Concrete Theatre was built in its present location in 1923 by C.D. Stickley. It’s featured silent movies and the first “talkies.” The popular venue has offered many other forms of entertainment, from boxing matches and church services to concerts and plays. It remains the oldest theatre in Skagit County.

In 2009, we had the crazy idea of reopening the Concrete Theatre, after it had been idle for a long time. Little did we know how much that decision would change our lives. Since then, we’ve watched more movies than in the rest of our years combined. We have butter on all our clothes. We’ve swept up enough popcorn to feed the entire state of Nebraska. And we’ve had so much FUN with all of you who’ve attended our movies, special events and fitness classes!

The Concrete Theatre now offers a friendly atmosphere to enjoy your favorite movies and special events, and we are expanding the venue to provide event more.

Celebrating Over the Years 

Thanks for being part of all these successful years at the Concrete Theatre! We never thought owning a business like this could be so rewarding — not financially but in the more important ways. We’ve laughed, cried and been amazed with our audiences, we’ve fumbled our way through many unexpected challenges, and we’ve learned a lot about human nature, the movie industry, and producing special events.

One of our favorite memories is the fundraising campaign of 2012, when film gave way to digital and it looked like we may have to close. The community raised more than $55,000 in less than 8 months to upgrade this venue! Because of the enormous community support, many individuals, and contributions from organizations like Puget Sound Energy and the Port of Skagit County, the Concrete Theatre was equipped with a digital projector, with 3D capabilities and amazing Dolby surround sound you’d only expect to find in the multiplexes and cinemas in much larger towns.

Our goal is to sustain — and expand — what the historic Concrete Theatre has to offer. In addition to a friendly atmosphere where you can enjoy your favorite movies and events, we’re looking forward to a companion business in the space next door. Watch for more details of Act One Ice Cream, set to open in 2021.

Thank you for allowing us to be the present-day stewards of this venue and for helping us to enrich the community.

~ Valerie and Fred