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Cougars & Webcams

Sunday, January 29, 2023
2:00 p.m. • Pay As You Wish
If you’ve ever been to one of Leah Serna’s photo shows, you know there are lots of stories about wildlife! Leah likes sharing the antics she captures and the information she’s gleaned — especially through the use of game cams. In this presentation, she’ll show you what she’s learned about cougars and other critters and what webcams she uses. “Pay as you wish” means it’s free, but if you want to drop something in the popcorn bucket on the counter, it’ll help us reimburse Leah’s travel.

Tales from South Africa

In case you missed it, a second show is being offered on Sunday, February 12 at 2:00 p.m.
Do you want to know what really happened when we went to South Africa in November last year? That our motor coach broke down in the middle of nowhere in 100 degree heat… That an elephant stormed our safari jeep….That Val (who is susceptible to vertigo and has terrible night vision) climbed ladders to the top of a mountain in the dark… That we danced and drummed and had more fun than we’ve ever had on any of our travels. Every day was full of joy, laughter, music, and amazing sights. We’d like to share some of this with you. Please join us.

Are you ready to take the stage?

We’re looking for people interested in performing on our stage! If you’ve always wanted to act, sing, dance, or be part of a production team working on stage performances, please get in touch.

We’ve had a variety of live performances on our stage — from ballet dancers and puppet theaters to Shakespeare Northwest and community talent shows. We’d like to hear your ideas and would be happy to work with you on scheduling a performance.