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Welcome to Act One Ice Cream Parlor

We happily feature the most amazing ice cream from Wisconsin!  All our ice cream is rich and flavorful, made with the finest ingredients. Act One also offers sundaes, floats and affogatos (an espresso sundae). Our espresso bar serves Moka Joe’s, roasted in Anacortes. Enjoy an Americano, latte with flavors and milk of your choice, mocha, breve and more. Please subscribe to our updates to be the first to hear the latest news about movies, events and ice cream!

Open every day from noon to 6 p.m.

4 fun facts about our ice cream:

  1. It’s produced by a small, family-owned dairy in Wisconsin.
  2. It’s made in small batches to produce a premium quality ice cream.
  3. There are over 80 flavors of ice cream with additional yearly “Feature Flavors” that offer a unique experience.
  4. We get our ice cream from the dairy that invented “tracks!” Elephant Tracks® was the first of its kind in the market and since then, Cedar Crest has created some of the most exciting flavors in the business – like Caramel Collision®, Coconut Explosion, and Lady Bug®.

We Love Summer
In the summer, with the North Cascades Highway open and lots of people doing the Cascade Loop, we’re visited by travelers from all over the world.

Last summer, we met many who were hiking the Pacific Northwest Trail.  The two hikers in the video were from Czechia. They commented they were “lucky to meet the super nice owner” and thanked us for “the chat over an Americano!” Happy Trails, Hummingbird, and BackFlop – maybe we’ll see you again this year?

Create Your Own Event

We offer private events. You can rent the Concrete Theatre, Act One Ice Cream Parlor, or our multipurpose room, aka Act One Art Gallery.  Invite your friends to an exclusive event — enjoy a private movie, create your own show, or organize a meeting.  MESSAGE US for details.

You Helped Us Choose!

In 2021, when we were creating the Act One Ice Cream Parlor, we had to make a decision about the brand we’d be serving. Here’s how we did it:
1. We went on an Ice Cream Research Road Trip.
2. We ate a LOT of ice cream, all around the Pacific Northwest.
3. We narrowed it down to 4 brands.
4. We organized five different focus groups, and let our friends and theatre customers decide!

Each focus group received education about ice cream—how it’s made, how it can best be enjoyed, and what to look for in a high-quality product. (We’ll share our tips if you’re interested.)

Each attendee taste-tested four flavors from four different brands. So, yes, they ate a lot of ice cream!

The results? It was unanimous: Cedar Crest Ice Cream from Wisconsin was the winner.

Honoring the Past – Looking to the Future

We are the newest, independently owned ice cream parlor in the region, and the only one we’ve ever heard of that’s located inside a historic theatre. The ice cream parlor itself is historic, having been built in 1915. In those early years, it was the home of the well-known Monrad Grocery.