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Some people think we’re crazy — ice cream all the way from Wisconsin?

In 2020, just as the pandemic was unfolding, we purchased the building next door to the Concrete Theatre. If you’re a longtime audience member, you may remember when we only had that tiny lobby (which is now Freddie’s Bar serving beer and wine) and how you had to stand outside waiting to get in! We always wanted more room, and Fred has always wanted to own an ice cream parlor!

Finally, the space next door came up for sale, and we quickly started remodeling that historic building (circa 1915). It had been neglected for years, so it took several months just to haul trash and clean up. With the help of a cadre of good friends and expert helpers, we were able to create the only ice cream parlor for many miles around.

We first had to decide what ice cream to serve. We wanted it to be unique — something that you couldn’t readily find anywhere else. But more than all else, we wanted our ice cream to be loved by our existing fan base. We wanted a treat that was high-quality and super tasty!

We began with road trips.

For months, we drove around the state, sampling every brand of ice cream we came upon. Seriously, we ate a LOT of ice cream in 2021. And then, we put 4 of our favorite brands to the real test: we invited small groups in for ice cream education and taste testing.

Taste tests were fun and educational.

Did you know there’s a special way to taste-test the flavor and quality of an ice cream? Did you know that not all ice cream is created the same way? Did you know the amount of heat that’s used in processing affects the results? We didn’t. But we did a lot of research, shared what we learned, and let our customers choose.

It was unanimous.

In every testing session, the verdict was the same: Cedar Crest, ice cream crated by a small family farm in Wisconsin, won.

Want to know more about our ice cream? You’re encouraged to try it… and you can also send us your questions!