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Lots going on as everything comes to life in May

This month, we’re happy to have some great movies and events at the Concrete Theatre, Act One Ice Cream Parlor, and Act One Art Gallery!

May 3, 4, 5, we’re playing UNSUNG HERO in the theatre. Based on a true story and wonderfully produced, this movie tells the story of a family working through some overwhelming challenges — and managing to beat the odds. If you need something to feel uplifted about, this will do it. Great music, too.

On Saturday, May 11, we’ll be celebrating with you as Concrete turns 115. Please plan to be at Veterans’ Memorial Park at noon for free refreshments and some fun speeches and music. Then we’ll gather on Main Street for the official town photo! Whether you live in Concrete or wish you did, we hope to see you!

That same afternoon, May 11 at 4 p.m., Gretchen Hewitt will present a children’s opera in the theatre. This one has been written by the kids and promises to be very special! More details will be posted on social media and here on our website.

Our second movie of the month is FALL GUY — an action comedy that’s perfect for taking your mind off things! You know, there’s something very different about gathering with your friends or family to watch a movie… it’s just not the same as sitting home in your jammies! We’d love to see you in the theatre.

Later in May, we’re excited to bring you the new movie, IF (stands for Invisible Friends!). Come on, didn’t you have one when you were little? Where do you think they went? This movie will answer that for you!

In Act One Ice Cream Parlor, we welcome back Ashley Parker and Halley Zachman as our ice cream experts and creative baristas! Come in and try some of our newest flavors — there are always TWENTY to choose from.

And lastly, we can’t wait to invite you to the opening night of a new exhibit in Act One Art Gallery, as we feature artwork by Concrete High School students, under the guidance of Paul Rider. Watch for the announcement!

One more thing… the hanging baskets are back this month. (If you know you know)

We hope you’ll stop by for a visit this month — starting May 15, we’re open EVERY DAY, Noon to 6 p.m.